12 November 2019
50+ Free Ceilidh Dance Sessions

     ​We had four new folk come along this afternoon for our fortnightly Ceilidh Dance sessions, bringing the attendance up to twelve - just the right number for two groups of dancers for the Dashing White Sergeant! However, we started off warming up to some music before having the first dance, a return to the Gay Gordons (see October 29th). There was also time to try out the Circle Waltz before ending the session, with an opportunity to then cool down to some slow music. It was great to see folk return and I hope everyone will feel able to participate in the direction these sessions take as well as join in the dances. 

     The first dance of the afternoon was originally a song!  The Dashing White Sergeant was adapted into a military march and was the regimental march of the Royal Berkshire Regiment. It quickly became very popular in the United States both as a song and a dance tune.  The dance steps come from the tradition of Swedish circle dancing, that was popular in Victorian Britain.

     The Circle Waltz was up next and, like the Dashing White Sergeant, has its origins in Swedish folk dance.

     See the links page for dance instructions and videos.

     The next get together will be from 2-3 pm in the afternoon of November 26th.  It's hoped to take a look at the Military Two Step then, as well as revisit some of the other dances so far.  Hope to see you back for more dancing.  


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