With a focus on the music of Scotland, this site offers high quality sheet music downloads with RH and LH notation and suggested couplers.  Suitable for self-improvers and teaching accordion.

"very high quality" - Jim Leighton, Music In Scotland Ltd

“highly recommended” - Murray Balfour, Highland Accordions, Inverness

"fantastic arrangements of some lovely tunes” - Thomas Laurie, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

"As someone new to Scottish music, this website is a perfect educational tool. The musical clips, descriptions of the styles, and excellent transcriptions helped me jump right in to playing my first reel with a smallpiper the very next day!  The service is quick and fairly priced for the work." - Katy Hartman, Wyoming, USA

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Q.  What can I expect on this website?  

A.  Sheet music for Scottish/Gaelic music arranged for accordion, Julia Gordon's accordion music books and CDs.

Q.  Can I immediately download my sheet music?

A.   Unfortunately, no.  As a small business, costs have a large impact on prices so purchases of sheet music are sent to you as PDF attachments for home printing.

Q.  So how does it work, then?  

A.  All sheet music is available in A4 pdf file format.  In the Sheet Music Catalogue titles are listed in categories with previews, audio samples and a payment system.

Q.  The sheet music appears very small / large.

A.   There are enlarge/reduce buttons that allow you to change the size of the preview.

Q.   Can I hear the music before I make my purchase? 

A.   Audio samples are available for every title.    

Q.   Okay.  I've found something I like.  How do I buy it?

A.    Whether it's sheet music, a music book, eBook or CD simply click the Paypal button below the item. This will take you to the checkout page.  Here, you have the option of paying using PayPal or your own bank account. I'm notified as soon as payment is made and I'll send you the music as an email attachment, or arrange delivery of your book or CD.

Your feedback is important to me as it helps me shape delivery of the best possible service I can provide.  Please feel free to comment using the CONTACT email link on the website.


Julia Gordon's first instrument was piano, which she studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in the 1960s before going on to play accordion under Sylvia Wilson in Glasgow, some years later. Until her retirement she taught both instruments and enjoyed a wide-ranging musical career in solo performance and with various ensembles.

Download the current (July 2024) Sheet Music Catalogue with Prices.


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