Julia Gordon's Accordion Key

This book is intended as an accordion primer, designed to teach the first steps in learning to play the piano accordion, to impart some understanding about how music is written that will give the student a firm technical foundation upon which to release their imagination and creativity.

Supervision by an accredited accordion teacher is always preferable but because this is not always possible the pace of study has been carefully structured so that the lessons in this book should neither overwhelm nor permit easy distraction by the many activities that compete for the student's attention.

Page size is 178 x 245 mm.


PART ONE - the accordion

PART TWO - reading music

PART THREE - preparatory studies

PART FOUR - tunes to play

By the time the end of the book is reached the student will have learned:

1.  How to hold the instrument for playing, adopting good right and left hand playing positions, and know what the different parts of the instrument are and what they do.

2.  How the fingers are numbered for playing the accordion.

3.  How to recognise and name the following features of written music: treble clef, bass clef, stave, bar, bar line, double bar line, fingering, time signature.

4.  How to recognise and name the symbols for some musical notes: crotchet, minim, dotted minim, semibreve - and understand how long the sounds last that they represent.

5.  How to name a series of notes with the right hand from middle C to the G above it, and play these using a one-finger-per-key hand position.

6.  How to find the following bass buttons with the left hand: C, G and F.  Also, their respective chord buttons: C major, G major and F major.  And construct a basic accompaniment for a melody played by the right hand.

7.  How to play some simple Scottish tunes using both hands together.

An e-book is available in PDF format for download.

Julia Gordon's Accordion Key
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Julia Gordon's Accordion Key
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Julia Gordon's Accordion Key

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