Scottish and Scots Gaelic Airs arranged in Sets

Titles are listed alphabetically in this section of the Sheet Music Catalogue with links to audio samples and sheet music previews, and where items can be purchased.

Two, three, or four titles have been arranged in sets, which are most suited to solo performance or when playing for dances. 

The term ‘waltz’ derives from the old German word walzen to roll, turn, or to glide. As a dance type, it was born in the suburbs of Vienna and in the alpine region of Austria. As early as the seventeenth century, waltzes were played in the ballrooms of the Hapsburg court. By the end of the eighteenth century, this old Austrian peasant dance had been accepted by high society throughout the continent, but was much slower to arrive here, only becoming fashionable during the Regency period. Initially, polite society was shocked by close proximity of the embracing dancers.

Today, a ‘waltz’ is both the dance type and the accompanying dance tune type, characterised by a step, slide, and step movement to music in 3/4 time with a strong accent on the first beat. Numerous variations of waltz have developed over the years, including many folk and several ballroom dances.

A rìbhinn òig bheil cuimhn' agad / An t-seann dachaigh / Fail ò rò mar dh'fhàg sinn   (Ref. 151)

A Rosebud By My Early Walk / O'er The Water To Charlie / The Banks O' The Dee   (Ref. 167)

An còineachan / Màiri bhàn òg   (Ref. 171)

Annie Laurie / Ca' The Yewes / Dream Angus / Huntingtower   (Ref. 191)

Dreams Of Kintail / Hector The Hero   (Ref. 242)         

Geallach Abuchaidh An Eòrna / Tiugainn Do Scalpaigh / Cliabh Dìneag / Gradh Na H-Oige   (Ref. 245)      

Griogal cridhe / Leis an Lurgainn / Coill' an Fhàsaich  (Ref. 110)  

Gruagach dhonn Bhrunail / Fo ghruaimean cha bhi mi'n diugh / Mo nighean donn nam meall-shùilean / Nan ceadaicheadh an tìde dhomh   (Ref. 118)   

Jessie, The Flower O' Dunblane / Ye Banks And Braes / Will Ye Gang Tae Kelvin Grove / Come O'er The Stream Charlie  (Ref. 146)

Kirkconnel Lea / The Fower Maries / Sound The Pibroch   (Ref. 114)

Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament / A phiùthrag 's a phiuthar   (Ref. 226)

Lochaber No More / Sheiling Maids   (Ref. 254)

Loch Rannoch / Morag Of Dunvegan / Farewell To Skye / The Skye Boat Song  (Ref. 178)

Mary Of Argyll / Rothesay Bay / The Bonnie Wells O' Wearie / Haste Ye Back  (Ref. 205)

Mo dhachaigh / Heilan' Air / An eala bhàn   (Ref. 134)

Mo ghile mear / Ae Fond Kiss / My Nannie's Awa'   (Ref. 229)

Mo rùn geal òg / An gille dubh ciar-dubh   (Ref. 127)

Muile nam mòr-bheann / The Iona Boat Song / An t-Eilean Muileach   (Ref. 158)

My Dear And Only Love / Farewell To Tarwathie / Flow Gently Sweet Afton   (Ref. 250)     

My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose / Wild Mountain Thyme / The Rowan Tree   (Ref. 130)

Niel Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife / Eriskay Love Lilt   (Ref. 155)

O' Gin I Were A Baron's Heir / The Nameless Lassie / There Grows A Bonnie Briar Bush / Will Ye No Come Back Again  (Ref. 162)

Oran Chaluim Sgàire / Iolaire sùil na grèine   (Ref. 188)

Row Me Home To Islay / My Fair One / Mo chailin dìleas donn   (Ref. 196)

Sìne Bhàn / My Glen By Loch Leven / Heather Island / Leaving Lismore   (Ref. 141)

South Georgia Whaling Song / Dearest My Own One / Mull Of The Cool High Bens   (Ref. 106)

Tha mo ghaol air àird a' chuain / Hug òireann ò rò gur toigh leam fhìn thù   (Ref. 138)

The Auld Hoose / Loch Lomond / Comin' Thro' The Rye / The Bluebells Of Scotland   (Ref. 237)

The Boatman / Kishmul's Galley / The Surge Of the Sea / Crovan's Galley   (Ref. 101)

The Cuckoo / The Galley Of Lorne / The Massacre Of Glencoe   (Ref. 214)

The Laird O' Cockpen / Queen Mary, Queen Mary / Logie O' Buchan / The Auld Scots Sangs   (Ref. 183)

The Lass O' Lowrie / Bonnie Galloway / Jock O' Hazeldean   (Ref. 222)

The Loch Tay Boat Song / Leaving Stornoway / Fàilte Rubha Bhaternis   (Ref. 123)

The Mist-Covered Mountains Of Home / Farewell To Fiunary / The Mingulay Boat Song   (Ref. 210)

The Wild Rose Of The Mountain / Highland Cradle Song / The Piper's Weird   (Ref. 233)

Thug mi gaol do'n fhear bhàn / An tèid thu leam air bhàrr nan tonnan / A' fagail Bharraigh / Air fail a lail o   (Ref. 200)     

Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh / Far an robh mi'n raoir / Òran na Maighdinn-mhara   (Ref. 218)

Westering Home / The Waters Of Kylesku / Dark Loch Nagar   (Ref. 174)            


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