Songs and Airs of Scotland - Book 2

Another fifty Scottish and Gaelic airs arranged as sets for accordion.  Comes with an AUDIO CD of all sixteen arrangements providing support in interpretation of tempo, phrasing, dynamics and the use of couplers.   

Sixty-four A4-size wire-bound pages for flat opening.  


 1)    A Rosebud By My Early Walk / O'er The Water To Charlie / The Banks O' The Dee  (audio sample)
 2)    An còineachan / Màiri bhàn òg  (audio sample
 3)    Westering Home / The Waters Of Kylesku / Dark Loch Nagar  (audio sample)
 4)    Loch Rannoch / Morag Of Dunvegan / Farewell To Skye / The Skye Boat Song  (audio sample
 5)    The Laird O' Cockpen / Queen Mary, Queen Mary / Logie O' Buchan / The Auld Scots Sangs  (audio sample
 6)    Òran Chaluim Sgàire / Iolaire sùil na grèine  (audio sample)
 7)    Annie Laurie / Ca' The Yewes / Dream Angus / Huntingtower  (audio sample)
 8)    Row Me Home To Islay / My Fair One / Mo chailin dìleas donn  (audio sample)
 9)    Thug mi ghaol do'n fhear bhàn / An tèid thu leam air bhàrr nan tonn / A' fàgail Bharraigh / Air fail a lail o  (audio sample)
10)   The Mist-Covered Mountains Of Home / Farewell To Fiunary / Mingulay Boat Song  (audio sample)
11)   The Cuckoo / The Galley Of Lorne / The Massacre Of Glencoe  (audio sample)
12)   Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh / Far an robh mi'n raoir / Òran na Maighdinn-mhara  (audio sample)
13)   The Lass O' Lowrie / Bonnie Galloway / Jock O' Hazeldean  (audio sample)
14)   Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament / A phiùthrag 's a phiuthar  (audio sample)
15)   Mo Ghile Mear / Ae Fond Kiss / My Nannie's Awa'  (audio sample)
16)   Mary Of Argyll / Rothesay Bay / The Bonnie Wells O' Wearie / Haste Ye Back  (audio sample)



The book in PDF format - no audio

mp3 album download

All sixteen arrangements as mp3 files only

Songs and Airs of Scotland - Book 2
(plus £2.60 UK Royal mail 2nd class)
Songs and Airs of Scotland - Book 2
(plus £6.50 international standard)
Songs and Airs of Scotland - Book 2

Songs and Airs of Scotland - Book 2
mp3 album

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