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     The reel is a folk dance type, as well as the accompanying dance tune type, and is indigenous to Scotland. The earliest reference was in a witchcraft trial of 1590, where the accused was reported to have "daunced this reill or short dance". However, the form may go back to the Middle Ages. The name is probably of Old Norse origins, cognate with Suio-Gothic rulla, meaning ‘to whirl'. This became Anglo-Saxon hreol and Gaelic ruidhle or ruidhleadh, which is the origin of the word now.

     In Scottish country dancing, the reel is one of the four traditional dances, the others being the jig, the strathspey and the waltz.

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ref. 492     audio sample     store     A Highland Lad My Love Was Born

ref. 280     audio sample     store     Aitken Drum

ref. 320     audio sample     store     Ale Is Dear, The

ref. 288     audio sample     store     Alewife And Her Barrel, The

ref. 312     audio sample     store     Babes In The Wood

ref. 511     audio sample     store     Boatie Rows, The

ref. 286     audio sample     store     Breakdown, The

ref. 307     audio sample     store     Circassian Circle

ref. 369     audio sample     store     Cockle Gatherers, The

ref. 419     audio sample     store     Corn Rigs

ref. 407     audio sample     store     Cutting Bracken

ref. 279     audio sample     store     Dashing White Sergeant, The

ref. 311     audio sample     store     Davy Knick Knack

ref. 315     audio sample     store     Deil Among The Tailors

ref. 314     audio sample     store     Dornoch Links

ref. 370     audio sample     store     Down Express, The

ref. 323     audio sample     store     Drummer, The

ref. 368     audio sample     store     Duncan Grey

ref. 460     audio sample     store     East Neuk Of Fife    

ref. 316     audio sample     store     Fairy Dance, The

ref. 360     audio sample     store     Flowers Of Edinburgh, The

ref. 412     audio sample     store     Gin I Were Where The Gadie Rins

ref. 313     audio sample     store     Greenwoodside

ref. 285     audio sample     store     Heilan' Donald

ref. 318     audio sample     store     Hey For The Heilan' Body

ref. 361     audio sample     store     Hey Ho, My Bonnie Lass

ref. 319     audio sample     store     High Road To Linton, The

ref. 317     audio sample     store     Jock Wilson's Ball

ref. 309     audio sample     store     Johnny Cope

ref. 270     audio sample     store     Jool's Hornpipe

ref. 362     audio sample     store     Kate Dalrymple

ref. 363     audio sample     store     Kiss Me Quick My Mither's Coming

ref. 308     audio sample     store     Lass O' Peatie's Mill, The

ref. 284     audio sample     store     Loch Torridon

ref. 364     audio sample     store     Lord Randolph's Bride

ref. 371     audio sample     store     Merry Boys Of Greenland, The

ref. 282     audio sample     store     Miss Murray Of Lintrose

ref. 365     audio sample     store     Mount Stewart House

ref. 322     audio sample     store     Mrs. MacLeod Of Raasay

ref. 366     audio sample     store     My Love She's But A Lassie Yet

ref. 367     audio sample     store     Niel Gow's Farewell To Whisky

ref. 281     audio sample     store     Old Highland Air

​ref. 283     audio sample     store     Piper's Cave, The

ref. 372     audio sample     store     Piper's Glass, The

ref. 396     audio sample     store     Rakes Of Mallow, The

ref. 422     audio sample     store     Reconciliation, The

ref. 368     audio sample     store     Reel Of Tullochgorum, The

ref. 452     audio sample     store     Soldier's Joy, The

ref. 465     audio sample     store     Stornoway Castle

​ref. 321     audio sample     store     Tail Toddle

ref. 373     audio sample     store     This Is No My Ain Lassie

ref. 374     audio sample     store     Waves Of Tory

ref. 515     audio sample     store     We're A' Noddin

ref. 353     audio sample     store     White Cockade, The

​ref. 310     audio sample     store     Wind That Shakes The Barley, The


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