Reels and Hornpipes

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The reel is a folk dance type, as well as the accompanying dance tune type, and is indigenous to Scotland. The earliest reference was in a witchcraft trial of 1590, where the accused was reported to have "daunced this reill or short dance". However, the form may go back to the Middle Ages. The name is probably of Old Norse origins, cognate with Suio-Gothic rulla, meaning ‘to whirl'. This became Anglo-Saxon hreol and Gaelic ruidhle or ruidhleadh, which is the origin of the word now.

As a genre, the reel can be subdivided into different types or styles; single reels, double reels, pipe reels, and hornpipes.  

In Scottish country dancing, the reel is one of the four traditional dances, the others being the jig, the strathspey and the waltz.

A Highland Lad My Love Was Born   (Ref. 492)

Airlie Bobbies   (ref. 783)

Aitken Drum   (ref. 280)      

Angus Campbell   (Ref. 676)

Angus MacLeod   (Ref. 630)

Babes In The Wood   (Ref. 312)            

Brodag ain McOmish   (Ref. 744)

Cabar Feidh   (Ref. 686)  

Caddam Wood   (Ref. 614)     

Circassian Circle   (Ref. 307) 

Clean Pease Strae   (Ref. 583)

Corn Rigs   (Ref. 419) 

Cutting Bracken   (Ref. 407)

Cutty Sark   (Ref. 708)

Dancing The Baby   (Ref. 757)     

Davy Knick Knack   (Ref. 311)      

Deil Among The Tailors   (Ref. 315)     

Donald MacLeod   (Ref. 772)     

Dornoch Links   (Ref. 314)     

Draw The Sword Scotland   (Ref. 742)      

Duncan Gray   (Ref. 368) 

East Neuk Of Fife   (Ref. 460)      

Gavin MacMillan   (Ref. 677)

George The Fourth   (Ref. 688)  

Gin I Were Where The Gadie Rins  (Ref. 412)

Glenburnie Rant   (Ref. 585) 

Glenlivet   (Ref. 706)

Greenwoodside  (Ref. 313)

Heilan' Donald   (Ref. 285) 

Hey For The Heilan' Body   (Ref. 318)

Hey Ho, My Bonnie Lass   (Ref. 361)    

Ho Ro, My Nut-Brown Maiden (Hò rò, mo nighean donn bhòideach)   (Ref. 763)

Jacky Tar Hornpipe   (Ref. 759)

Jamie Hardie   (Ref. 701) 

Jenny Dang The Weaver   (Ref. 660)

Jock Wilson's Ball   (Ref. 317)

Johnny Cope   (Ref. 309) 

Jools' Hornpipe   (Ref. 270)

Jumping Geordie   (Ref. 578)

Kate Dalrymple   (Ref. 362)

Kemnay House   (Ref. 615)    

Kiss Me Quick My Mither's Coming   (Ref. 363) 

La Russe   (Ref. 727)

Loch Torridon   (Ref. 284)     

Lochearn   (Ref. 604) 

Lord Dalhousie   (Ref. 657)

Lord MacDonald   (Ref. 672)

Lord Randolph's Bride   (Ref. 364)

Meg Merrilees   (Ref. 724)    

Miss Johnstone   (Ref. 598)

Miss Murray Of Lintrose   (Ref. 282) 

Mount Stewart House   (Ref. 365)       

Mrs. MacLeod Of Raasay   (Ref. 322)

Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran   (Ref. 776)  

My Love She's But A Lassie Yet   (Ref. 366) 

Niel Gow's Farewell To Whisky   (Ref. 367) 

Old Highland Air   (Ref. 281)       

Perth Hunt   (Ref. 600) 

Petronella   (Ref. 718)   

Pretty Peggy   (Ref. 652)

Rachel Rae   (Ref. 576) 

Rantin' Rovin' Robin   (Ref. 540)     

Sailor's Hornpipe   (Ref. 752) 

Sandy Duff   (Ref. 607)   

Snouts And Ears   (Ref. 758)  

Speed the Plough   (Ref. 737)

Staten Island   (Ref. 627)

Stornoway Castle   (Ref. 465)

Sweet Molly   (Ref. 588)

Tail Toddle   (Ref. 321)   

Teribus   (Ref. 762)

The Ale Is Dear   (Ref. 320)

The Alewife And Her Barrel   (Ref. 288)

The Barnyards Of Delgaty   (Ref. 618) 

The Boatie Rows   (Ref. 511)  

The Bottom Of The Punch Bowl   (Ref. 631) 

The Breakdown   (Ref. 286)

The Cockle Gatherers   (Ref. 369) 

The Dashing White Sergeant   (Ref. 279) 

The Down Express   (Ref. 370)

The Drummer   (Ref. 323)

The Duke Of Perth   (Ref. 705)    

The Fairy Dance   (Ref. 316)    

The Flowers Of Edinburgh   (Ref. 360)

The High Road To Linton   (Ref. 319)

The Hopeful Lover   (Ref. 785)

The Kilt Is My Delight   (Ref. 606)

The Ladies' Hornpipe   (Ref. 397)

The Lass O' Peatie's Mill   (Ref. 308)

The Lass O' Gowrie  (Ref. 464)

The Lea Rig   (Ref. 571)   

The Little Cascade   (Ref. 616)

The Mason's Apron   (Ref. 626)

The Merry Boys Of Greenland   (Ref. 371) 

The Moving Cloud   (Ref. 685) 

The Perth Assembly   (Ref. 738) 

The Piper's Cave   (Ref. 283) 

The Piper's Glass   (Ref. 372) 

The Rakes Of Mallow   (Ref. 396)

The Reconciliation   (Ref. 422)

The Reel Of Tullochgorum   (Ref. 368)

The Soldier's Joy   (Ref. 452)  

The Spinnin' Wheel   (Ref. 690)

The White Cockade   (Ref. 353) 

The Wind That Shakes The Barley   (Ref. 310)

This Is No My Ain Lassie   (Ref. 373) 

Torryburn Lasses   (Ref. 590)  

Victoria Reel   (Ref. 697) 

Waves Of Tory   (Ref. 374) 

We're A' Noddin   (Ref. 515) 

What's A' The Steer   (Ref. 544) 

Willie Brewed A Peck O' Maut   (Ref. 550)

Willie Was A Wanton Lad   (Ref. 558)

You're Welcome, Charlie Stewart   (Ref. 646)   


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