Ref. 151 - A Rìbhinn Òg Bheil Cuimhn' Agad / An t-Seann Dachaigh / Fail ò rò Mar Dh'fhàg Sinn​

three Scots Gaelic airs arranged for accordion  
RH and LH notation with suggested couplers

duration:  2:38
suitable for self-improvers and teaching accordion



A Rìbhinn Òg Bheil Cuimhn' Agad (Fair Maiden, Do You Remember) This is a sailor's love song.  He is getting ready to sail and will see neither her nor the hills of Lewis again for a year, no matter how high he climbs on the ship. He begs his young love not to worry or be sad while he is gone for he surely loves her. 

An t-Seann Dachaigh  (The Old Home) No other information is available for this tune.

Fail ò rò Mar Dh’fhàg Sinn  (Fail ò rò How We Departed)  A Lewis sailing song about setting sail from the Clyde to cross the Atlantic Ocean. ­

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