Titles for schottisches are listed alphabetically in this section of the Sheet Music Catalogue, with links to audio samples and the store where items can be viewed and purchased.

     The schottische is a partnered country dance of continental-European origin. The Highland Schottische is a combination of the common schottische and a variant of the reel. (A variation popular in Argyll in the 1920s and '30s focused on showing the man's dancing abilities and as such became known as a form of ‘peacock dance'.)  

     In Scottish Country Dancing, the Highland Schottische setting step is a special setting step, taking twice as long as the Strathspey setting step but in the ceilidh dance Schottische it is performed at about twice the pace!  Hence the use of fast pipe march tunes in 2/4 time.

ref. 425     audio sample     store     Balmoral Highlanders, The

ref. 346     audio sample     store     Braes O' Mar, The

ref. 345     audio sample     store     Braes O' Tullimet, The

ref. 418     audio sample     store     Calum Beag

ref. 350     audio sample     store     Captain Horne

ref. 352     audio sample     store     Crossing The Minch

ref. 447     audio sample     store     Devil In the Kitchen, The

ref. 344     audio sample     store     Highland Whisky

ref. 555     audio sample     store     Jenny's Bawbee

ref. 343     audio sample     store     Kafoozalum

ref. 340     audio sample     store     Keel Row, The

ref. 397     audio sample     store     Ladies Hornpipe, The

ref. 342     audio sample     store     Lad Wi' The Plaidie, The

ref. 351     audio sample     store     Orange And Blue

ref. 349     audio sample     store     Reel Of Tulloch, The

ref. 348     audio sample     store     Road To The Isles, The 

ref. 420     audio sample     store     Seige Of Delhi, The

ref. 341     audio sample     store     Wha Widnae Fecht For Charlie

ref. 347     audio sample     store     Wind That Shakes The Barley, The


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