The Scottish Gaelic term port à beul refers to 'a tune from a mouth', specifically a cheerful tune.  Puirt à beul (plural) have sometimes been used for dancing when no instruments were available.   Usually, the genre involves the performer(s) singing lighthearted, often bawdy lyrics, although these are sometimes replaced with meaningless vocables.  The rhythm and sound of the song often have more importance than the depth or even sense of the lyrics.

     Titles for puirt à beul are listed alphabetically in this section of the Sheet Music Catalogue with links to audio samples and to the sheet music store where items can be viewed and purchased.


ref. 467     audio sample     store     A Nighean Bhàn Nach Duilich Dhuit (O Fair-Haired Girl, How Sad For You)

ref. 334     audio sample     store     Bheil An Cadal Ort (Are You Sleeping)

ref. 335     audio sample     store     Fear à Phige (The Whisky Still Man)

ref. 333     audio sample     store     I Bhi A Ta (What To Do)

ref. 336     audio sample     store     Muileann Dubh (Black Mill)

ref. 337     audio sample     store     Port à beul

ref. 338     audio sample     store     Sabhal Iain 'Ic Uisdean (John MacEwan's Barn)

ref. 416     audio sample     store     St. Kilda Wedding


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