Ref. 250 - My Dear And Only Love / Farewell To Tarwathie / Flow Gently Sweet Afton

a set of three Scottish airs arranged for accordion
RH and LH notation with suggested couplers
Duration: 4:32
Suitable for improvers and teaching accordion


My Dear And Only Love - In 1643, while imprisoned in Falkirk Castle, James Graham, 1st Marquis and also the 5th Earl of Montrose (‘The Great Montrose’, 1612–1650), wrote the lyrics of this melody as a poem.  The words promise to to make Charles 1 glorious with his pen and famous with his sword.  The origin of the melody itself is unknown.

Farewell To Tarwathie - An old whaling song, written by George Scrogie, a miller at Federate, New Deer (near Aberdeen), in the early 1850s. Tarwathie is a farm in the lap of Mormond Hill, near the village of Strichen, and the song tells the story of a lad who left there to seek his fortune at the whaling.

Flow Gently Sweet Afton - Burns wrote this song in 1791, and presented it to Mrs. Stewart, of Afton Lodge, as a tribute of gratitude and respect. The notice Mrs. Stewart had taken of the bard was the first he received from any person of her rank in life. Afton Lodge is located on the banks of the Afton River, a small tributary of the Nith, in Ayrshire. The Mary in the song probably refers to Mary Campbell, whom Burns courted in 1786.  The melody was composed by Jonathan Edwards Spilman (1812-1896).

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