14 January 2020
50+ Free Ceilidh Dance Sessions

     Our usual dance studio was unavailable for today's dance session - I'd left it too late to book the room last year - so we were upstairs in Room 4.  This proved a perfectly satisfactory alternative... once I'd got all the gear up the stairs!  

     I find it's always difficult to get back in a routine after a break and I reckon some of last year's dancers have found this, too, as we had a smaller than usual attendance.  Enough, however, to kick off with the Virginia Reel once the warm-up routine was completed.  The Virginia Reel was first looked at in December but it did no harm at all to walk through the steps of the dance before throwing oneself into the melée! 

     Next up, Jennifer demonstrated the travelling step that's widely used in Scottish Country Dance and Ceilidh dancing.  This was followed by an introduction to the Pride Of Erin,
 a beautiful waltz danced in many parts of Ireland and occasionally encountered at a Ceilidh in Scotland.  Slightly different versions of it are danced from place to place.    

     There was just enough time left to revisit the Canadian Barn Dance before the hour was gone, it was time for the cool-down exercise, and then head for home.

     See the links page for dance instructions and videos.

     Next Ceilidh Dance session will be in Room 4 again, on Tuesday 28th January, 2-3 pm.  See you then.


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