28 January 2020
50+ Free Ceilidh Dance Sessions

     Still upstairs in the dance studio for today's ceilidh dancing.  Getting my gear up the stairs could prove to be a bit of a nightmare but there's always been someone willing to see my struggle and offer a hand, helping to restore my faith in the goodness of human nature!

     Following the warm-up, Jennifer took everyone through the steps for the Virginia Reel.  We had covered this dance previously but repetition is the name of the game and it looked to me is though folks had got the measure of it this afternoon.  Well done, everyone.  It was a delight to watch.

     Jennifer had introduced everyone to the Pride Of Erin during the last session but as the dance steps can prove a little challenging, she spent some time going over these again before the band struck up!

     Just time for the Gay Gordons before the hour was up and it was time to cool down and rejoin the world outside.  

     See the links page for dance instructions and videos.

     Diary Notice  The dates for February's dance sessions are the 11th and the 25th. 


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