25 February 2020
50+ Free Ceilidh Dance Sessions

     It's probably the time of year, the weather, life getting in the way, as it so often does, that we had a smaller than normal attendance today.  Back downstairs, again, in the ground floor studio, we nonetheless managed to revisit the Military Two Step, once we had warmed up.  In line with the process, it took less time to recall the steps before it took on the appearance of a tightly synchronised dance.

     Today's new dance was a waltz variant, the Hesitation Waltz, introduced in the 1910s by Vernon and Irene Castle.  It incorporates 'hesitations' and is danced to waltzes performed at a faster than usual tempo.  A hesitation is basically a halt on the standing foot during the full waltz bar, with the moving foot suspended in the air or slowly dragged.

     See the links page for dance instructions and videos.

Diary Notice  Into a new month next time with 10th March and then the 24th March.   

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